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A different sort of waiting

Posted by quirksalight on February 12, 2010

I’m now counting down the days until the start of A-100 and there’s plenty of paperwork to keep me busy. The updated CV has been sent and the formal offer received. The question with that is whether or not I’ll appeal the salary calculation. It’s a step or two lower than I think I’d like, but I need to do the math to decide if it’s work pressing.

In parallel to this, I’m organizing my packing; sorting between HHE and UAB, the former which is going into storage and the latter being sent to training. The thing is, I really don’t have all that much stuff, so it makes the organizing easier.

Also in parallel, are the additional paperwork involving health insurance, banks, etc, etc… Kinda telling that a fat, 2 inch thick, packet arrived in the mail with everything.
Even though the first thought when I saw the packet was, “Whoa!”, I still have the giggles over the fact that it’s really happening.


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  1. 예지 said

    found you! (:

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