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"Security is a false god," or running around the world as an FSO

Match and Set

Posted by quirksalight on May 25, 2010

A-100 is over, POL/ECON training wrapped up, got my Diplomatic Passport, applied for the Korean visa, and now, I’ve got my flight set. In the wee hours of June 23rd, I’ll be boarding a plane, most of my effects having preceded me, to start my first post at Embassy Seoul.
It’s a month away, and I waver between, “can’t get here fast enough” to “wait! I need to tie up everything here neatly with a little bow!”

But that never happens, does it? The latter, I mean. You do you best, but time waits for no one and you’ve gotta go then they call for boarding. Cheers to that!


2 Responses to “Match and Set”

  1. hannah said

    Congratulations!! I know it’s nervewracking, but you’ll do great! (And if you find some spare time, I would love to have it. 36 hours is NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH!)

  2. Gloria said

    oooh, black passport! I hope you enjoy your time in Korea! Be warned of me springing a visit on you in October 🙂

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