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Movin’ on out…

Posted by quirksalight on March 26, 2010

Wednesday, March 24th, 9:45am, Atlas Van Lines came by to pack up my UAB, which I had spent most of Tuesday sorting out. Weighing in at 93 pounds (including the packaging), I think the movers were thinking, “She called up movers for this??” as it was rather small. Like, pitifully small. But, it was more than I could carry down to VA on the train, so off it went! I think the toaster oven took up around 30% of the volume packed (not weight).

Less than 24 hours to go in NYC…


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Lunchtime meetings

Posted by quirksalight on March 24, 2010

I met several members of my training class at a NYC Metro lunch get together today. AW and NT came, and we had a fly-by visit from one of the MK’s in the 152nd. (there are 2)

Heading into Woorijip, a Korean deli/buffet place on 32nd street, we quickly grabbed our food and spent the next 90 mins just discussing our backgrounds (engineering, arabic and straight out of college, educational travels), an interesting point being we were all ivies. Of course, we’re all neurotically twitchy about the start of training… halfway waiting for the other shoe to drop, and really wanting to just jump up and down and go, “Wheeeeeee!” because the day we had worked for is almost here.

And it was nice. Really, really, nice to be able to say, “See you in a couple of days,” upon parting, as it just means that the next major phase of our lives is about to begin.

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Graduating from the baby slopes

Posted by quirksalight on March 8, 2010

Yay! Sunday was another snowboarding day and it was time to move up the mountain. 🙂

This was the third time at Mountain Creek this season, the first had ghastly weather conditions, and the second was a great session where I got the fundamentals.

Now, the testing of those said fundamentals, my friends (GL and TH) and I headed back to Mountain creek on an unusually warm (54 F!!) March day.

After two runs down the beginner’s slope, my friends (GL and TH) and I headed up the gondola to the large green slope at the top of Vernon mountain at Mountain Creek. First time up, it was fall after fall after fall. Ouch. Several times flipping head over heels, catching the downhill edge, etc. Luckily, no faceplants. On the upside, I got very good at flipping the board up and over my head while in the bindings. The other two runs were pretty much the same; first half of the run was great, then I would hit a rough patch and get tired, which made the lower half of the run a stop and go with crashes and falls. A couple times, I would have to stop because my quads or my knees would ache too much.

One major “oops” event: In the middle of the last run, I ended up crashing into a girl who was *very* slowly skiing down the mountain. I was able to shout a warning and fell down before hitting her, but my momentum took her out. She was fine, and accidentally knocked me in the teeth with her elbow. 😛

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Anatomy of a concluding date

Posted by quirksalight on March 1, 2010

1. Late for everything… I guess that’s what happens when your day gets moving at noon.
2. Barrage of e-mail chatter. Working? Maybe. 🙂
3. Joining my friends and I for drinks…smooth intersection of worlds
4. East Village wander… not so good in heels
4. Sushi run…Oops, 30 mins before closing!
5. Just….talking.
6. Bunk beds are fun.
7. Early morning (comparatively), without questions or answers
8. Great coffee – sharp, just as how the end of a whirlwind week feels.

Mon evening –> Friday morning. 38 hours. Interesting math, eh?

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Anatomy of a great date

Posted by quirksalight on February 25, 2010

1. Dinner, with musicians and watching spontaneous dancers
2. Hop out to Brooklyn’s Hotel Delmano
3. Sample fantastic concoctions and discover new single malts in an ambiance reflecting a speakeasy from the ’20s, all the while in a bewildering, curiously confusing thrall over the other and the situation
4. Chat up and make friends with the bartender, who in turn, generously offers the two of you samples of some brilliant single malts.
5. Close down the bar
6. Laughing, jumping in a cab to a hole-in the wall pizza joint
7. In-hand, onward to the next destination!
8. Musings, laughter, further down the rabbit hole
9. Separating due to previous commitments…..
10. Cancelling your noon appointment due to fatigue. Oops.

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Posted by quirksalight on February 25, 2010

Now that I’ve got a start date, it seems that it’s so far away and at the same time, so soon. I’m in NYC, and there are so many people I want to meet up with and places to see, things to do, etc, before starting. It’s nice; freelancing and living in an awesome town on a bit of a working vacation for two months. I’m one month in, one two go, and I am definitely going to miss living here. Living the single life in Manhattan is friggin’ awesome! Apparently my life is a) the beginnings of a Rom-Com; b) a real-life sitcom; c) Karma at work; d) Sex in the City. 😛 Not too sure about the last one, but hey, I think it’s flattering.

On the upside, the paperwork is chuggin’ along…. Got the final salary determination settled, signed and faxed my agreement letter yesterday to State HR. The immediate baggage (UAB, or the stuff that gets sent to me in training) is scheduled for pick up, and I’m working on arranging my storage stuff for later in the year, as the majority of my stuff is in my parents’ basement, close to FSI.

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An anatomy of a good date

Posted by quirksalight on February 17, 2010

1. Spontaneous dinner date
2. Oops… minor location error
3. A good start over dinner and conversation
4. Wandering for brew under the glare of Times Square
5. Ginger Man drawing us through the cold to spar over brews
6. Closing the bar down
7. Willingly diving into spice
8. Movies and Music with tongue-in-cheek humor
9. Scent
10. Heading our separate ways in the wee hours of the morning.

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A different sort of waiting

Posted by quirksalight on February 12, 2010

I’m now counting down the days until the start of A-100 and there’s plenty of paperwork to keep me busy. The updated CV has been sent and the formal offer received. The question with that is whether or not I’ll appeal the salary calculation. It’s a step or two lower than I think I’d like, but I need to do the math to decide if it’s work pressing.

In parallel to this, I’m organizing my packing; sorting between HHE and UAB, the former which is going into storage and the latter being sent to training. The thing is, I really don’t have all that much stuff, so it makes the organizing easier.

Also in parallel, are the additional paperwork involving health insurance, banks, etc, etc… Kinda telling that a fat, 2 inch thick, packet arrived in the mail with everything.
Even though the first thought when I saw the packet was, “Whoa!”, I still have the giggles over the fact that it’s really happening.

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Boarding and Love songs

Posted by quirksalight on January 24, 2010

Thursday, Jan 21, was a day trip to Mountain Creek for the 2nd snowboarding trip this season. I bought a rental/lesson/beginner lift ticket combo in December to learn how to board properly. The lessons definitely helped, as I can use both edges, turn and link my way down the mountain. Of course, not without injury… my knees are a kaleidoscope of colors…

Stopping in Philadelphia to visit friends after boarding, a very bizarre incident occurred in front of Brauhaus Schmitz, a new German place on South Street. Three friends and I were heading into the restaurant, when a guy walks up to KC and I to ask, “Do you mind if I sing a love song to one you?”

We look at each other with incredulous looks on our faces and I reply, “Excuse me?”

The Guy: “No, just a verse. It’s for a scavenger hunt. It can be whatever song you want.”

At this point, two fellows ran up to join The Guy, apparently his teammates in the venture. They’ll be referred to as Guy2 and Guy3.

KC at this point had stepped off to the side, and I was like, sure, why not, it’s just a verse. The Guy then asks what I want him to sing. KC and I are laughing at the absurdity of the situation, and because I really don’t like the majority of the “love songs” out there. As it’s Philly, Boys II Men were mentioned by Guy2 and we settled on “I’ll Make Love to You”, even though The Guy protested that he barely knew it. (tsk, tsk, you’re a male from Philly and don’t know that song?)
So The Guy is standing in front of me, about to start, and then Guy2 whips out a cameraphone, and I exclaim, “You’re going to record this?”

Guy 2 replied that they had to for the hunt, and KC asked one of them if this was for a Bachelor party.
Guy2: “No, we’re on an amateur hockey team and doing this scavenger hunt.”
The Guy, apparently trying to be soothing and not lose his scavenger hunt point: “It’s just for the hunt, we have to prove that we actually did this.”

At this point, we had a nice little crowd around us, and I was still thinking, sure, why not. Guy2 had his cameraphone, and The Guy was about to start when he grabs my hand, gets down on one knee and tells me, “This will be a little involved.”

Involved? WTF? As I was thinking this, The Guy launches into the chorus from “I’ll Make Love to You” and starts ad-libbing choreography while singing. Seriously. Dancing, taking his jacket off and tossing it at me (I ducked – which is the natural instinct when something is thrown at your head!!!), dancing with me swinging me this way, twirling, and all throughout, singing. Yes, I’m participating in the debacle, laughing, considering that I’m already “pot committed”, so to speak.

And what performance is without a grand finale? At the end of the chorus, The Guy pulls me close (apparently close enough for KC to think, “Holy crap, is he going to kiss her??”), puts my arms around his neck, grabs my torso and then proceed to spin us around in a circle. And it’s not a singlet, but a continuous spin that’s fast enough to swing my legs out in a 30 degree angle!

The Guy finally puts me down, and I’m staggering as if I’m punch-drunk because I’m that disoriented from the spin. At this point, our other two friends come out of the restaurant, telling us there was a two hour wait for a table at the Brauhaus. Our group and The Guy exchanged some pleasantries then split. After, KC and I regretted not getting a copy of the recording. Oh well. Another random night on South Street…

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FS update: Light at the end of the tunnel

Posted by quirksalight on January 20, 2010

A double header day!
I received the e-mail from State HR stating that I was out of Suitability (It did take only a week!) and placed on the CON Register at 10/68. Just in time, as the March 29 invitations for CON went out today! So in the same letter was a invitation to join said class! Awesome!

Of course, the paperwork never ends; I’ve got to finish getting together my resume and other info for the salary, and also send in the formal acceptance, but it’s set. I’m going to be in the 152th Junior Officer class.


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