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Flying High

Posted by quirksalight on September 22, 2010

Heading out of Seoul for an adventure day, three friends and I headed to Mun-gyoung in Gyongsangbuk-do for some aerial action.

Pretty amazing….I think I’m hooked!


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Graduating from the baby slopes

Posted by quirksalight on March 8, 2010

Yay! Sunday was another snowboarding day and it was time to move up the mountain. 🙂

This was the third time at Mountain Creek this season, the first had ghastly weather conditions, and the second was a great session where I got the fundamentals.

Now, the testing of those said fundamentals, my friends (GL and TH) and I headed back to Mountain creek on an unusually warm (54 F!!) March day.

After two runs down the beginner’s slope, my friends (GL and TH) and I headed up the gondola to the large green slope at the top of Vernon mountain at Mountain Creek. First time up, it was fall after fall after fall. Ouch. Several times flipping head over heels, catching the downhill edge, etc. Luckily, no faceplants. On the upside, I got very good at flipping the board up and over my head while in the bindings. The other two runs were pretty much the same; first half of the run was great, then I would hit a rough patch and get tired, which made the lower half of the run a stop and go with crashes and falls. A couple times, I would have to stop because my quads or my knees would ache too much.

One major “oops” event: In the middle of the last run, I ended up crashing into a girl who was *very* slowly skiing down the mountain. I was able to shout a warning and fell down before hitting her, but my momentum took her out. She was fine, and accidentally knocked me in the teeth with her elbow. 😛

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Snowboarding is a fun activity… if you pay attention to the weather!

Posted by quirksalight on January 2, 2010

Snowboarding during the week between Christmas and New Years.
Location: Mountain Creek
Got the Group?: Check
Housing: check.
Gear: all rentals, so check.
Lessons, lift tickets: Check
Transportation: Check
Food and drink: Check
Weather: Err….. maybe?

After several volleys back and forth within the group of friends, we decided that the Tuesday after Christmas was the best day to go in terms of scheduling, the rain on Christmas and the day after, and the forecasted snow on Monday. The forecasted snow didn’t appear more than a dusting and out came the gusty winds Tuesday morning. Whoops. AS and I thought about it, and felt that in some ways, we were pot-committed to the trip. (Also meeting GL and TH at the resort) So off we go, with the wind trying to push the car sideways on the GW bridge.

Arriving at Mt Creek, step outside the car, and immediately think “oh crap, it’s cold!”. Because there, the winds were sub zero and gusting around 20-30mphs. It was bad enough on the bunny slope where AS and I were taking our lessons, but after lunch, when we went up on the lift to the easy slopes, OMG…. so friggin cold! And the snow-makers were on, but I think they were shooting out ice pellets than man-made snow. Between the patches of ice on the slope, the wind, and the ice pellets that were being blown at your face by the wind, I was done at 3:30pm.

Lasting results: Windburn on my face and in my throat, a series of bruises down my right leg, and really hating the cold for two days.

I’ll go again, maybe next week.

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More of the Potomac…

Posted by quirksalight on August 7, 2009

Paddling from Thompson’s Boat Center, past Georgetown and back. Aug 1, 2009. A great day – nice, upper 80’s, partially cloudy. 🙂
Two hours on the water followed by a great burger at Five Guys… nice way to start off a Saturday.

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Potomac river

Posted by quirksalight on July 28, 2009

I went kayaking again this past Sat, but from a different location on the Potomac river.
Starting at Fletcher’s Cove, I paddled up to the Little Falls, until I couldn’t go any further. Here’s some pictures of the trip.

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Posted by quirksalight on July 20, 2009

This past Sat was the first time I’ve been kayaking in a LONG time. Right at Fort Washington marina, we headed south on the Potomac and up Piscataway Creek for a guided nature tour. It turned out more just a guided tour and not so much on the nature bit, but was fun nevertheless.

A random bit of amusement happened, without me even knowing it. Turns out one of the “maybe” people had decided to come kayaking, and biked to the marina from DC. Unfortunately, he arrived a little late and snafus with the kayak rental staff prevented him from getting a kayak until we were already down near Piscataway Creek. So upon my return home, I find an e-mail with this photo:

with a commentary on the whole situation, including a summary of the conversation I was having with AW at the time. Highly amusing. I suppose JH will take a car instead of a bike next time. 🙂

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Snowboarding II

Posted by quirksalight on January 26, 2009

MLK day in the US, the first day of my vacation in Korea.
I went back to Bear’s Town Resort with Q and a couple other guys from Casey to practice….and ouch.
I did get a helmet, but it’s annoying… it muffles a lot of sound, and I feel like I’m overheating. But I’m going to need it for a while… especially since I’m trying to learn how to go backwards.

Odd thing… I bought a new pair of snowboarding gloves two weeks prior, when I first came to the resort. In the middle of one of the runs, I noticed that the seams were already popping and the stuffing coming out. This being rather irritating as they were pretty much new. So I went back to the resort shop to get a replacement… which I was able to, without a receipt. But… a catch… the only one of that type and price was… pink.

Here are some photos of the resort, Q, the board I was using, and my new gloves…

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Posted by quirksalight on January 6, 2009

I’ve been wanting to learn to snowboard for a while, but have put it off for a host of reasons, including hitting my head really hard the last and only time I tried learning how to play on the slopes.

Well, I decided that it was time to learn, and hit Bear’s town resort outside of Seoul with Q and two of his friends. And it was so much easier than I expected! I picked up the basics within an hour, and with the encouragement of the boys, tried the other slopes.

It was an awesome day until later in the afternoon when an idiot on a board hit me at full speed from behind, completely taking me out. He was going so fast, his board left the slope and impacted my left leg above the boot. This swung my legs out from under my body so fast, I couldn’t catch myself before hitting my head on the slopes. It was such a bad impact, I could hardly move. It took several minutes for me to sit up and the ski patrol had to ski me down on a stretcher. Completely sucked. I think I had a minor concussion, and felt like someone had taken a hammer all over my body.
According to Q, who was facing me and saw it happen, the guy didn’t really break and was out of control. I have his name and number in case I have medical expenses that develop from the impact.

But you bounce back. After anti-inflammatories, food and rest, I felt better to give the slopes another go. Not too good. The two runs were awkward and painful, so it was time to call it a night. Can’t wait to try it again. 😛

Here are some pictures that Q took of the day.

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I think my new animal is a turtle

Posted by quirksalight on September 20, 2008

In both Kumdo and Kendo, essential equipment is armor. Gauntlets, a breastplate, and mask, it’s called hogu in Kumdo.
Friday was my first time wearing and practicing in armor. I felt like a turtle! The gauntlets make it much more difficult to hold the jukdo (practice sword) with little finger dexterity. The breastplate had a bottom band, about 6-8 inches in height which is very stiff and is slightly away from the body, so I had to hold the jukdo with my elbows flaring out and arms bent, more so than I would without the armor. It was so awkward! I kept on holding the jukdo too high b/c my body wanted to keep my arms above the band area. My instructor really, really, really didn’t like this.
The mask.. ugh… I’ve used fencing masks, but that’s held to your head with elastic and a flexible back. Also, the neck is flexible. In Kumdo, you’re laced into the mask, and it’s tied quite tightly, as the head is a major target, which isn’t the case in fencing. The neck protection is also extremely rigid, so it isn’t really possible to bend your head down, or turn it easily.

It’s going to get a bit to get used to. La…

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Writer’s Block

Posted by quirksalight on August 26, 2008

I’ve been traveling on and off for the past two months around Korea, but I’ve got total writer’s block in blogging about it. Meh. Maybe I’m just tired. Dunno… same thing with the hundreds of photos that need to be sorted and posted. Hah. Maybe I’ll just link it to my friend’s blog who has already posted about my visit to Jeju.

On the upside, here’s a photo of me underwater, during my scuba certification dives.

Third open water dive

Third open water dive

I’m the one not wearing a full wetsuit. 🙂

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