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I am the logistics queen; aka, we’re hosting a conference.

Posted by quirksalight on September 15, 2010

This week, Embassy Seoul hosted a DPRK Watchers conference in conjunction with USFK. Basically a chance for people to get together, iinteragency, and just discuss the issues at hand.

Awesome idea, execution was a bit complicated. There were several other major delegations around this week, and this week is the week before Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving. Chuseok is one of the biggest holidays, and because this year it’s almost a week long (more on why it changes later), many people are taking most if not all of the week off.

This means that people are trying to cram things in, meetings, visits, etc, around Chuseok, as no one in Korea is really working during that time. You’re supposed to go hang out and pay respects to your family and the deceased.

This complicates planning. A lot.


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A random bit of amusement

Posted by quirksalight on April 23, 2009

N.Koreans Love Choco Pie
Image from The ChosunIlbo

Uh huh… that’s what I said…

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It’s the end of the world, as I know it….

Posted by quirksalight on March 3, 2009

…and I feel, fine….

I’ve moved out of my apartment and am vagabonding through the great Seoul area, visiting people, places, and saying goodbye. It’s odd, and moving the bags were annoying, but i’m glad I took these 10 days to slowly wrap things up and spend time with people. Once again, I have a backlog of photos to post, but that’s nothing new, eh? I better finish before Germany comes along… three weeks!

Mentally, I’m in the US… planning prep sessions for the OA, discussing future plans and dealing with job applications. 🙂 Tick tock..

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Packing it up

Posted by quirksalight on February 16, 2009

It’s a little over three weeks before I head back to the States and packing is a pain in the butt. Mailing things by freight, organizing, chucking, etc… and saying goodbye. It’s hard – this past year in Korea has been a positive experience for the most part. And I’ll miss my friends dearly.

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Pretty Darn cool…

Posted by quirksalight on January 12, 2009

I watched this interview on Slate.com. This guy walked across the US with only $217 and a backpack. It give me warm and fuzzies. 😀

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Happy New Year!

Posted by quirksalight on January 4, 2009

A couple days late…
It’s been nuts. Jumping out of grad school, leaving the US, and heading here. I’ve met great people and crappy people, but gratefully, more of the former than the latter. Picked up new skills in music and sports, and started to reconnect with my ethnic heritage.
But above all, I want to thank everyone who’ve encouraged and supported me through the constant changes of the past year.


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Posted by quirksalight on August 21, 2008

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On something completely random

Posted by quirksalight on November 12, 2007

…This is really effin’ annoying. WTF is this girl running around in traditional Korean dress??

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Apparently I’m safer out of school….

Posted by quirksalight on August 9, 2007

The latest issue of Wired magazine had an amusing article: The Best Dangerous Science Jobs
My current profession: #6 – Graduate Student
Kaboom!?!? [Source: Wired magazine]

Is it a bad thing if I look at the list and think, “hmm….possible checklist?”

#1 (Astronaut) – I wanna go to space!!
#2 (BSL-4 researcher) – Ebola, anyone?
#3 (hurricane hunter) – “We’re off to see the Wizard! The wonderful Wizard of Oz!”
#4 (Doctors without Borders Lab tech) – Danger, with a side of microbes…
#5 (Propulsion Engineer) – nah…
#6 – (Grad student) – Doing it now
#7 – (Volcanologist) – cool, but not really interesting
#8 – (Biologist) – done it

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And now, a word from the sports fan in me…

Posted by quirksalight on December 18, 2006

Eagles 36. Giants 22. Revenge is sweet!

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