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"Security is a false god," or running around the world as an FSO

Things I’ve confiscated

Over the year, I’ve confiscated a lot of things from my students because they were disrupting the class, not paying attention, or violated school rules. The students get a warning, then the item is confiscated if they don’t comply. The only exceptions to this rule are candy/gum, cell phones, and if they are playing a game during class. In these cases, the item is confiscated immediately. The food items are sent to the garbage.
The majority of these have been returned to the student after a week, but some find their way to the garbage, and some are returned at the end of the day (money).

Cell phones -10
Mirrors – 5
ipod – 1
mp3 players – 2
lip gloss – 3
ruler – 2
scissors – 3
earrings – 3
lighter – 1
x-acto knife – 2 (one was not returned; student jabbed it at another student)
money – 3 (3 separate instances)
Badminton birdie – 1
Badminton racquet – 1
roll of poster paper – 2
tennis ball – 1
Exam Grade sheets – 2
Notebooks – 8
novels/comic books – 3
Korean game pieces – 2 sets

Of course, then there are the things I’ve confiscated so much, I lost count.

pens and pencils, erasers, notes, candy/gum/food, Other (non-English) classwork


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