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Posted by quirksalight on January 23, 2008

I’m in! I’ll be posted in Incheon for the next year, starting March. No clue where i’ll be living, except that an apartment will be provided. I leave in exactly 28 days!!!!


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Taking advantage of the weather

Posted by quirksalight on January 13, 2008

This past week, it’s been unseasonable warm in the Washington DC Metro area. So on Saturday (on the last day of the unseasonably warm weather) I decided to go biking on the Mount Vernon Trail.
Running along the Potomac River from Theodore Roosevelt Island to Mount Vernon (George Washington’s estate), it’s 18 miles long in length, 36 miles round trip. I decided to do a 15 mile round trip, from Belle Haven Marina to Mount Vernon and back. Partially due to starting late (it was 2:15pm when I started, and sundown was at 5pm), and partially due to being out of practice.

Of course, I chose the section with the hills. The last 2-3 miles were pretty hilly (“rolling hills” my butt!) capped with a steep climb at the very end, right before the parking lot at Mount Vernon. UGH! But in this region, you get a great view of Fort Washington across the Potomac River, as seen here:
Fort Washington

But heading back was awesome! Those painful miles were just whizzing by on the way back to the Marina. 🙂
Even though it was unseasonably warm (mid-high 50 F), I was wearing three layers on top and two on the bottom. Still, it was a bit chilly, especially coming back. Combined with the dryness of the air, I ended up getting windburn in my trachea and on my face. That was a new one… I’m hacking up dead epithelial cells for a couple hours due to windburn. 😛

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Posted by quirksalight on January 11, 2008

Exercise that finger of yours! Go vote in your state’s primary and get ready for the big one in November.

If you’re not sure if you’re registered to vote, or don’t know how, go to VotePoke to check and find out how.

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….And waiting…

Posted by quirksalight on January 11, 2008

Arrived today in my e-mail queue….{sigh}…..
Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Warmest greetings from the English Program in Korea (EPIK) under Korean Ministry of Education.
Thank you for applying for EPIK 2008.

We recevied your documents from the Korean Embassy in Washington DC.
We are going to hold a final review on Jan. 17th, 2008 to hire EPIK teachers and decide your location, employment level and so on. We will contact you after the final review.

Best regards,

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Fight Club the Musicial???

Posted by quirksalight on January 11, 2008

From an Mtv interview with David Fincher, the director of “Fight Club”

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Posted by quirksalight on January 10, 2008

NY Mayor Bloomberg weighs 2008 run

Will you be a Perot, Nader, or a whole new independent political animal?

If he does enter, he’ll pull a lot of the moderates from both parties. But the candidate who’d be affected the most would be Clinton… same voter pool, same state…Bloomberg would be a definite monkey wrench in the race.

But then again.. maybe not. Few New Yorkers want Bloomberg for president

If a popular mayor isn’t pulling great favor in his own city…well…

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Posted by quirksalight on January 10, 2008


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Just brilliant….

Posted by quirksalight on January 6, 2008

I found Kate Harding’s blog “Shapely Prose” and these two posts were just brilliant.
BMI Project
On Being a No-Name Blogger Using Her Real Name

I wanted to stand up and cheer after reading them.

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Posted by quirksalight on January 3, 2008

via YouTube….

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Happy New Year!!

Posted by quirksalight on January 1, 2008

First Night Alexandria Fireworks

More pictures from First Night Alexandria here.

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